Can you send us your product catalogue? Do you sell your products via mail order or online?

We mainly manufacture and sell our products to supermarkets in France. We do not yet offer direct sales to individuals.

How to recognise traditional Marseille soap?

Traditional Marseille soap is made:
1. Solely from vegetable fats (no ‘sodium tallowate’, animal fat), with no colouring, no fragrance, no additive and no processing aids.
2. In traditional cauldrons in accordance with the process of soap making.
3. In Marseille or the Bouches du Rhône area.

Marseille Master Soap is made by the Savonnerie du Midi, one of the last two soap factories in Marseille, and a member of the Union of Marseille Soap Professionals (UPSM), which respects the Charter for manufacturing traditional Marseille soap. In future, traditional Marseille soaps will be recognisable by the logo registered by the UPSM.

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